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Part-time Employment Permission

HOMELife in Campus Students' ServicePart-time Employment Permission

Application Eligibility
  1. - Overseas Study (D-2) visa holder who has being attended more than 1 semester (6 months) ※ If the one's visa is transferred from another one to D-2, the period he/she took Korean language class on previous
       visa is added up to current 1 semester (6 months).
    e.g.) If one transferred his/her visa from D-4-4 to D-2 after finishing his/her 3 months' Korean language course, and the
         one has attended at a university more than 3 months, it is recognized as a semester (6 months).
  2. - Korean Language Training (D-4-4) visa holder who has being attended more than 6 months
  3. - Overseas Study (D-2) visa holder who is writing a thesis after finishing regular course (including master's course and
      doctor's course) However, a foreign student who wants to work temporarily as a member of a research project a temporary assistant instructor an assistant experimentation teacher at his/her university is not applicable to above period.
Activity limits
  • - Within 20 hours for Monday through Friday in a school term, up to 2 workplaces
  • - However, a foreign student can work without limit on legal holidays, Saturday, Sunday, and vacation
Allowed working field
  • - Occupation acknowledged as having close ties with their major
  • - An occupational category which has close ties with his/her major
  • - Commonly allowed working field for students as translation? interpretation, a librarian sub-librarian, a school cleaner,a staff at a restaurant, an assistant office worker, a research student at a laboratory who is doing his/her schoolwork and research at the same time, temporary assistant instructor, an assistant experimentation teacher, etc.
  • - Foreign language instructor at an educational institute as a private institute, etc. (the one must satisfy the necessary
    conditions to be a foreign language instructor)
  • ※ Private tutoring is prohibited by law regarding establishment and organization of an educational institute and
    extracurricular lesson
  • - Other legal labor field
  • - A salesperson, a clerk at a restaurant, an assistant at an event in an English Village or an English camp (other foreign
    language like Chinese, Japanese, etc. regarded camps are also available)
  • ※ It is allowed for one year in the range of period of stay (a student can apply for extension while attending at school)

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